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The Great Escape

The Great Escape Joshua  | Oct.2017 1653 Words, 9 Minutes Days disappear, one after the next. How do they go so fast? How many of them even matter? The voice of reason beckons you to seize a greater moment; “You don’t live forever. Life is fragile. You know this… So stop, think. Don’t let apathy and pride swallow the little time you have. You must fight.”
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“What is essential is invisible to the eye”

– “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly” – Have you ever by any chance seen the animated movie, “The Little Prince”? It is made after a famous french book. I think you would like it.  There is a thread, a theme that touches every one of us deep in our soul. No matter how old we are, or how “important” we are in the world, there is a part of each of us that just wants to be a child. The world wants to make us forget, to just “grow up already”. From childhood we are
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My Skeleton Sweatshirt

– Dry bones – So the other day my dad got me this crazy sweat shirt with a glow in the dark skeleton on the front (because I mean, really, what girl doesn’t dream of getting a sweat shirt with a glow in the dark skeleton on it:))? Actually, my daddy always knows the perfect thing to get me and how to make me laugh with some crazy thing no-one else would think of! But anyway, the sweatshirt made us think of the passage in the book of Ezekiel 37. Have you ever read it? God led Ezekiel to a
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