As we travel across the world to proclaim the living Jesus, we talk to so many who suffer alone in obscurity. They tell us that beneath their smile and image to others, they are dealing with tremendous pain, tragedy or suffering. At times, we all have issues that can seem overwhelming. But it is in these very things… in difficulty and heartache and in weakness where God, the Father will come and bring His love and healing. Jesus makes it very clear that His power, is found only… in weakness (2Cor.12:9, 1Cor.1:27).

The real issue, to take a step back, is whether God exists, and then whether a person exists who will expend the heart for proper contemplation of Who He is and what He offers to resolve our deepest problems. This is a video we have worked hard to capture to show you His… Overwhelming Evidence.

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This is about 20,000 photographs, taken through out: Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. In Montana we spent a few nights backpacking on mountain tops to get some of the sunsets/rises and star-lapses. Many very long sleepless nights with thoughts of grizzlies dancing in our minds. Actually saw one the next day! In Utah, we were blown out of a tent by a mega electrical thunderstorm. Had so many amazing experiences. There much to learn with this type of photography but for our first time-lapse shoot, it went fantastic. …More to come soon. 


If you are looking for more than the empty goals of a fallen world; Jesus says “I am the Door”.

This was no allegory or fairy tale folks. Jesus is God. He yearns to show you. People say “You shouldn’t ‘test’ God”. He says “Ask and you shall receive” (Mt.7:7). He will come to you in any way, at any time, anywhere if you desire His reality. Peter did walk on water. But he lost his focus. Jesus lifted him up and never gave up on him. Contrary to American Christianity, Jesus offers no career or insurance policy. No American Dream, retirement plan or 401K. Not even a title. His purpose is not for you to invest in becoming a successful professional working to make this fallen world a “better place”. His purpose is beyond this world (Eph.1:3-11).…Read More


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Isaiah 53

A recent video I put together. As I travel around the world, I see so much pain and so much suffering on so many levels. Each of us carries things deep within that no one knows. Jesus came not as some fat-cat or “better-than-thou” religious figure. But a “man of sorrows… acquainted with grief.. like a Lamb”. He knows what you are suffering and wants to show you His answer. -Joshua


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