Monthly Archives September 2018

The Untraveled Road.

Like cars flying by on an expressway, our days pass by so quickly. Moments we thought we would never forget, can often fade in the rearview mirror as we face the trials and hazards on this road called “life”. But my dear friend, our lives our not like a train, attached to the tracks, destined to go somewhere we don’t want to go. We can “exit” our current “road”, and choose a new “highway”.  Our life is our own, we determine our destiny and we determine who we are and where we are going. We can choose to “drive” down
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Hope is for the Broken

When pain and suffering touch our soul,  they leave behind an empty hole. Forcing us to exchange a precious dream, for an empty life and sad routine. Held captive by the question, “Why?” we try to smile when we’ d rather cry. Yet there exists a secret never spoken, “That hope is given, to the…                                                                                          
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