The problem is that you think you know me and so for that reason, before I can tell you who I am, I should tell you who I am not. I am not who “they” say I am. I am not who you think I am. I am not an idea, emotion or a thought. I cannot be defined by any man, but I could, however, define a man. I am not a feeling but I do have the power to take you beyond your feelings. You cannot change me to accommodate  your life, but I can change you so that you find life. 
Now if we could establish that you don’t know me and you don’t know anything about me, then we could get somewhere and I could start to tell you who I am. I am bigger than your biggest problem, but small as the smallest seed. I am the absence of emotion, the substance of reality and proof of the invisible.  I am dreams come true, the future in the present and the past redeemed.  Who am I? Well I am Faith. I can give courage to speak, hope to live and the power to love beyond yourself.   I can move mountains, heal the sick and conquer the world. 
But when Jesus returns, will He even find me on the whole earth? (Lk.18:8)
It takes 01:42 to read the following, so could you please, as a favor,  forget everything you think you know about faith for the next two min and let me try to put a new thought in your head.
 I hear people casually say, “yeah, I believe in God, BUT…” Now really, if you believe in GOD, there is no “but”. The question is, what does it mean to believe? If Faith wanted to, it could sue the human race for defamation of character. People talk about it like it is up to them to define however they please and in whatever way accommodates their life. Think about it, to swim, to jump, to run are action verbs and therefore require an action. To believe is an action verb, not a passive verb so therefore requires action.  Faith is not a passive force determined by the direction of our lives but rather the only force strong enough to change the direction of our lives. If an explorer said he believed he knew the location to a buried treasure, but never went to get that treasure, then obviously he did not really believe it but was just talking. If someone says they believe in God Almighty and His Son Jesus, but then go on to just live a typical live like millions of others, well then clearly, they do not really believe but are just talking.
Paul said, “We believe, therefore we speak”(2Cor.4:13). Jesus said, “This is the work of God, that you believe…(Jn.6:29) To believe is work.  So many people look for an experience or an emotion to say they have received salvation.  Faith is absolutely not an emotion. It is the choice to believe God beyond any emotion. To believe in the “experience” of a man dying on a cross 2000 years ago and rising form the dead.
In the Old Testament it was required to go to a temple, sacrifice animals and obey the law.  But now, there is a new covenant, a new law, the law of faith (Gal.2:16/Gal.3:off). Jesus authored and perfected this thing called faith and gave it to us as a gift. Remember when Peter tried to walk on the water? It was lack of faith that caused him to start sinking (Mt.14:31). Whether  people were healed  or not depended on their faith (Acts.14: 9/Lk.18: 42/Mt.9 :29-13: 58).   Whether your life changes or not depends on whether or not you believe. Your eternal destiny depends on weather or not you go beyond  common thinking and discover the true identity of this thing called, Faith. If you are humble, and realize you do not yet know what I am saying, then this should excite you and fill you with hope, for that is indeed my intention in writing this. You can believe beyond your past. Beyond your problems. Who are you? Who do you want to become? Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? Dare to believe.
So two minuetes is up, you can go back to thinking you already know if you want to..but you will probably never really meet the hero named “Faith”.

Read (Rm.1: 17/2Cor.5: 7/Gal.3: 8/Ep.6: 16/2Cor.4: 13/Rm.10: 17/1Ped1: 7/1Jn.5: 4 / Heb 11: 1)  swordbelive