What About You?



Love calls and Truth beckons; “Don’t use fleeting happiness as your compass in life. Things can seem to smile on you today but suddenly turn on you and ruin your tomorrow. What if even those closest to you don’t really know you or care about you? Cherish your individuality. Refuse to surrender it for acceptance. Be the one who chooses to see what others do not. ”
The harsh realities of life bombard us as we grow out of childhood. So disillusionment and cynicism creep in and ultimately undermine our attitude on our existence. There is no Happiness Guarantee in a marriage, a job or college degree. Our quality of life is totally dependent on our choices. Will you allow someone or something to write your story? Life is not meant to be passive existence. Most people find a profession, then say “This is my purpose”. For many, a family is everything. Others yield to “the flow” of chaos, then claim whatever the outcome is their purpose. Such thinking is common.
If there is a wonderful God, surely He offers a life beyond basic, worldly existence. I am just an ordinary man but have discovered the very Person of the living God. He is not a concept, an “It” or found in a religion or a building. God came to earth in the flesh and blood of Jesus of Nazareth to bear our sin (Jn.1:1-14).
Jesus conquered sin and rose from the dead and lives today in the Spirit. Invisible? Yes. So is love, joy and many things that make life worth living. The Father offers you an incredible purpose of rhyme, reason and destiny in His Son. Beyond the physical world in front of you is the unseen Father, yearning to draw you into His dimension (Jn.4:24,14:23).
I used to think that my purpose was up to me. That, amidst the chaos of this world, I had to go out and find something, or someone, befitting my personality. What a complicated and burdensome endeavor!
No matter where you go, or how much fun you may have, there remains, deep within you, a profound void; a sadness, a desperation and nagging loneliness. Why? Because we were created to be in fellowship with our Creator; our Father. But sin, which is the insane obsession with our SELF, has corrupted us.
After much suffering, I was compelled to study the New Testament all alone (specifically the Gospel of John). The words of Jesus were captivating. They reveal “the Bread” of a life far beyond mere existence (Jn.6). Jesus says we must become “born again” (Jn.3:3-7,8:32). This is the only way to be freed from the nightmare of our selfishness into the joy of His selfless love. Discover the “hidden” way of humility into the purpose of the living Jesus (Mt.11:25/Jn.7:37).
The Bible is very clear; we cannot find purpose within our SELF. Within us is only sin, with a “purpose” of evil, ending in hell-fire (Rev.21:8). The Father’s purpose is not in you; to be a lawyer, teacher, etc., but beyond you, in the personal revelation of Christ (Gal.1:12/3:16). He will supernaturally endow your life with His dynamic thoughts and creativity. I can’t give or show this to you. I can only witness to you that Jesus is alive and that in Him, you will find your true identity (Jn.14:23).
Jesus is the Door through which to enter another realm. He does not call you to be a “good person”. No one can do good (Rm.3:10). He offers a depth of understanding so profound that personal transformation is automatic (Rm.12:2/2Cor.5:17). I tell you, He is real. Put aside your pride and presumption. What do you have to lose to ask Him to be born of His Spirit (Jn.3)? He loves you. He only wants the best for you. You have everything to gain. Find stillness, contemplation and most of all, childlike faith. Jesus says, “I AM THE DOOR…Come to Me…and I will give you rest” (Jn.10:9/Mt.11:28).
It’s outrageous how “Christians” today are obsessed with umpteen issues; but not the living Jesus. Their focus is on projecting a Christian image, not on knowing the truth. Their heart is like “Well, ya, of course, Jesus, BUT… ‘You have to have a ‘church!’” (Mt.12:34).
Anyone who tells you that you have to go to “church” is under the law and deceived(Gal.2:16-21). Today’s “churches” are a joke. Your purpose is not to find a “church” but Jesus. The New Testament clearly reveals that salvation is by faith alone in the finished work of Jesus (Jn.6:29/Rom.3:20/Rm.7:24). God opposes the self-righteous (1Pt.5:5-9).
The “American Dream” ends in a nightmare of debt and divorce. This world offers you no purpose because it is ruled by Satan (1 Jn.5:19). Unless you see it for what it is, you will become a victim of it’s insanity (1Jn.2:15-17).
Contrary to “political correctness”, image is not what matters. It turns men into cowards. Truth is what matters. It is not subject to the opinions of men. Truth is absolute (Jn.14:6). Society mocks the Word of God as “outdated”. They justify homosexuality, greed, divorce and the witchcraft of contentious women (Ecc.7:26/1Tim.2:12/1 Pt.3). God clearly says homosexuality is evil and that He hates divorce (Lev.18:22/Mal.2:16/ 1Cor.6:9/1Tim.1:10).
The only sure thing you have is called NOW. Make your one short life count. Jesus says it is better to give love than to receive (Acts 20:35). Help the poor. Proclaim the truth (Mt.25:40/Is.61). The gospel is not catholic or protestant. The true church is the “ecclesia”, i.e. “ones called out of the world” to live for Jesus (2 Cor.6:17/Acts 4:32ff,17:24). The Father is calling you into a purpose of staggering proportions and dimension. It will not fall into your lap, nor can it be “accepted” into your heart. Engage the Father to reveal Jesus to you (Mt.10:25,11:25/Jn.6:37).
The justice of hell is not a “scare tactic” (Lk.12:5). God’s mercy warns you that these are the last days (2Tim.3:1). His righteous judgment is near. You don’t need a preacher, priest or group of people. God promises to personally disclose His revelation to anyone who comes to Him (Jn.16:14). You need His revelation. Jesus says “Come to Me” (Mt.11:28/1 Jn.2:27).