When I worked as a waitress at a large restaurant, everyone feared and dreaded the visit from the district manager. Of course most all restaurants do because it means lots of cleaning and really being on your toes, but at this restaurant, they said the district manager was a horrible mean man. I had never met him but everyone said he would tear you to shreds for the smallest thing, was unrealistic and ridiculous with his policies and it was impossible to please him. They all warned me to avoid contact at all cost and only go to the office when he was not in it. So when the Monday he was due rolled around, I was not exactly filled with joy and excitement. After cleaning everything for the fifth time, he pulled up and walked in the front door.

Before I could begin to form an opinion, he walked over to me and introduced himself with a warm smile and asked my name. After we talked for a few minutes I realized we had a lot in common, we both spoke Spanish, loved mountain biking and the Colorado Rockies. I realized he was nothing like everyone else said and I really enjoyed working for him. All He wanted was for his employees to work hard and give good service, those who did he was pleased with, those who did not he would correct. When I thought about everything everyone said, I realized they sure were wrong!

How do you know what ever it is you know about God?  I mean think about it, did other people,  or one of 300,000 “churches” determine how you think about God? Have you actually taken the time, all on your own, to study the Scriptures, talk to Him and meet Him. You cannot blame God and form an attitude because of what men have  said about Him. Who is Jesus?  He is not an angry manager waiting for you to screw up. Nor is He a distant God, expecting you to  be a good person and meet Him in a building on Sunday. He is not who “they” say He is. He is a loving Father who wants to heal your past and give you a beautiful future. He knows your name, your story. He has real answers for every single problem you are facing. Don’t let any knowledge about Him keep you from knowing Him. Talk to Him.

Or in another example, I once lived somewhere where I ran the same route every day. I would run by a house for the elderly and wave at the people sitting on the porch There was an old women who looked very angry and did not wave back. I just assumed that she wanted to be left alone. One day it hit me I had never talked to her and did not know anything about her. The next time I ran by, I stopped to meet her. Her name is Luz Maria and she is 98 years old. She is very nice and has a lot to say. I learned many things from her and we became good friends.

What about God? Do you run by Him everyday assuming you know what He is like? Have you ever stopped running long enough to go meet Him? Have you ever asked Him, all on your own, “God, who are you?” Have you ever thought about Jesus? IS He really alive today? You will miss so much if you assume you know what you do not know.  Don’t waste another day running past Him. Stop and talk to Him. Learn from Him. He is waiting for you!



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