As I worked to create a picture of Jesus, I meditated on the fact that He really is a living person. He has eyes that see and ears that hear. He walked the earth as a 33 year old carpenter, a young man. He would rebuke, offend and confront. He had a tender heart, compassion and a smile that would melt away your pain and take you to a place you have never been.  He worked miracles and healed many but even greater than these miracles, were the words that He spoke; words that were living, words that could change your very being.  He was fully man and fully God. He was every prophesy fulfilled, the hope of Israel, a light to the Gentiles and the Lamb of God. He was the Messiah.

However, everything that He WAS is only relevant because today, HE IS. He did not stay in that cold dark tomb. After three days, new blood ran through His veins. His heart began to beat and once again, breath filled His lungs. He gasped for air, sat up, took off His burial cloth, folded it up and walked out of the grave. With the same body He formally had, He appeared to the disciples, cooked fish for them, broke bread for them and walked with them on the road pretending He would go farther. He lived among them for 40 days in the same body He died in. He then ascended to heaven and is now there, as a living person. Just as He left, He will return(Acts.1:11 ). His name is, “I Am” (Ex.3: 14).

If you want to meet a certain person, or learn about a person, you go to that person, unless of course they are dead. Jesus spoke the three most amazing, beautiful words of all time. Three words no one ever has or ever will speak. “I WAS DEAD….”(Rev.1:18) Jesus really is alive today my friend. You can actually know God! Talk to Him, meet Him.

I have never met a man that has won my love, respect and honor, but this man, Jesus of Nazareth, He has won my heart. He gave everything for me, the very least I can do is give Him my life. He showed me true love and in return, I will love Him with all my heart and work to bring His love to others. He gave you everything, What will you DO for Him?


Be sincere. Be honest. He will hear you!