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A reflection of my adventures as I travel across the world with my husband and six children. We share a life you cannot imagine, a life of impossibilities, joy, sadness and abundant life as we have built our home in the wind.


Top o’ the mornin’ to ya (the following story is to be read with an Irish accent)! Gather ‘round now and pull up a chair, for I ‘ave a tale to tell ya.  I’m an older Irish lassie now, but once upon a time, when I was just a wee lassie of eighteen years, I set out ‘pon a journey.  I left my homeland, all that I knew that was familiar and dear to me, and alone I ventured into the world unknown.  I went to a faraway place that promised me fame and fortune, a sure bet to a bright future, and a ticket to worlds beyond (some know this place as CMU). Arriving, I found it filled with strangers, who had very foreign ideas and ways that were unknown to me.

Disillusioned and very lonely, I tried to survive in this strange place, but didn’t know if I could make it.  I struggled with my aloneness, I missed my home.  Then something happened to give me hope.  I made a friend. This might sound like a common enough occurrence, but if you had known the ways of this village with all its pretense and images, you would realize how rare this was. But, aye, this friend was no ordinary person. He was a striking lad, with locks of gold and very strong, and I heard tales that he could run like the wind.  There was always laughter hiding behind his vivid blue eyes and eager smile, and he radiated a zest for life that I never seen before.

Yet, he had a mysterious way about him.  He spoke of things none others spoke of. There was a legend in the air about this lad, that he had done the impossible. As the story goes, they say this lad had a wild and crazy side to him that was beyond anyone’s control, including his own.  He would say and do things to win the acclaim of others, regardless of the consequences. But then something, miraculous some say, happened to him.  In a short summer away, he was transformed.  They say he gave up his life to follow the One who had given up His life.  No longer was he a confused, empty people-pleaser but one who was filled with meaning and purpose. Most in the village said this transformation wasn’t real, that no one could change that radically.  They tried as hard as they could to make him act and be as he was before, but to no avail.  He was resolute.

I had to find out what glorious thing had brought this about (like did he meet a leprechaun or something)? And sure enough, Michael, for that was his name, told me that he had actually found the pot of gold. Was it at the end of the rainbow? He explained it was the beginning of all rainbows.  As our friendship grew, every day he would give me nuggets of gold from this pot. These nuggets he revealed came from an ancient book that though very old, brought about things very new.  It was in this book’s Author that he found his new life.  When he said that access to this new life could be had by anyone, I too got this book, seeking to know (or rather be known by) its Author as well.  I began to devour it, like an Irishman with shepherd’s pie on St. Paddy’s day.   An’ lo and behold, the nuggets of gold were there for the taking!  I couldn’t believe it.  I was rich!

I read that I was like a worm, (or a caterpillar), wicked, not good like I always thought I was, just crawling through life trying to exist. The cross of Jesus offered a cocoon by which I could be transformed into a totally different creature. Though all this, the Author, Jesus began to reveal Himself to me and I knew then that He would be my life.  He alone would transform me into a butterfly, a whole new creation. Everything I had come to this faraway land to find, was found in Him. These Irish eyes started smilin’ like never before!

michael and rachel footballMichael played the sporting game of our village (football) and I became his cheerleader.  I didn’t know then that my destiny was being formed, for our friendship became love and I became his cheerleader for life.  Together, with our own wee ones, three lads – Abraham, Joshua and David, and three lassies – Sarah, Ruth and Elizabeth, we have traveled the world o’er to tell others how to find the pot of gold and how meeting the Author of the ancient book can transform your life too.  My life is richer than I could ever imagine.  This could just be a fairy tale written by a wishful Irish lass.  But for me, my fairy tale life is real and holds treasures of rainbows every day.

Run Girl Run

Trying to keep up with my kids at age 58 is no little task. So I have really taken getting out running as often as I can quite seriously, it gives me time to reflect and pushes me to go beyond me limits. Having been able to finish two iron girls and a half marathon and several 10k’s, I see how valuable it is. 


Run This Year: 151 Miles
Run Last Year: 1007 Miles


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