Poems I have Written


The Poet


He writes a story , and gets no glory,

then again he sits to write.

He has not finished the song and the words are too long,

so he works on through the night.

The skill of the poet, there are few that know it

the cultivation of a perfect verse,

The last note, to the piece he wrote,

frees the soul from a silent curse.

Words that bend the will, make time stand still,

As he prunes the opening phrase.

No apparent reason,  a word in season,

who can explain the poets ways?

The Plague To Death
  Imagine this the conversation between Jesus and Satan after Jesus died but before He rose. The prince of death and the Prince of Light meet each other. Satan thought he had won for death was his, never before had one come back from the grave. Jesus was the plague to death itself.  
The grave
Says the Prince of Death (normal text )….                   Says the Prince of the Resurrection (bold text )….
Now at last again
we meet,
I, in victory, and
you defeat.
                                                        It  was
I who cast thee to wander below,
                                                        Defeat is all you will ever know.
Thou hast nothing to say oh Lord of host,
For I indeed have a right to boast.
                                                    Cast from the heavens thou roameth the earth,
                                                     But thou cannot touch men of rebirth.
Rebirth indeed, thou hast lied,
You cannot give life when thou hast died.
                                                 I’ve passed through death, through fire and
                                                 I am the lamb that was slaughtered.
Still exists sorrow death and pain,
All men still mine, thy life lost in vain.
                                                 I chose to die, this wars not done,
                                                 Death will be swallowed and thou shall run.
I have taken thy life; I will take theirs as well,
Each and every soul will join me in hell.
                                                I laid down my life of my own accord,
                                               The sting of death shall see me sword.
Thy life for men’s, a noble trade,
But in the reality of death, chivalry will fade.
                                                 I gave my life in mankind’s stead,
                                                But what makes thee think I will stay dead.
Every soul that sinneth shall indeed die,
This cannot be changed no matter how you try.
                                                 I have never sinned death has no hold,
                                                The grave will spit me out as was foretold.
I laugh out loud at the words you say,
For death only works one way.
                                                 Prepare ye now to bow thy knees,
                                                  For I shall be deaths dieses.
I will never bow to one defeated,
Victory is mine I will not be cheated.
                                                  No rules broken, the law fulfilled,
                                                  Blood was shed the lamb was killed.
You say you are God, the holy one,
But thou died like a man, thy life is done.
                                                My life the ransom the price was paid,
                                                I hold the keys of death and hade.
Go yea now to thy grave,
Where is the God yea say can save?
                                                   Yes death is strong, but life is stronger,
                                                   Thou art master thus no longer.
Now stand shadows for you they wait,
 What chance thou had
it’s now too late.
Now is darkness now is gloom,
 A heavy stone a sealed tomb.
                              Be yea silent shut
thy lip,
                             Death now works
backward you’ve lost your grip.
                            That tomb shall open, now comes the hour,
                             Then thou shall see my Fathers power.
                              Thou knowest much oh prince of hell,
                              But not this secret I now shall tell.
                             I bore all sorrow,
sin and pains,
                             Resurrection blood
now fill my veins.
                             Oh glorious sun it’s
time to awake,
                            Come dancing dawn
it’s time to break.
                            Come from your
chamber rejoice in your way,
                            Great is thy glory
on this third day.
                            Come spirit wind fill me with breath,
                            For I shall be the plague to death.
                            The curtain torn
the earth will crack,
                            Oh stone that holds
me now roll back!
I will ransom
them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death: O death, I
will be thy plagues; O grave, I will be thy destruction
He walked out
Watchman – Keeper of the Clock
Minutes seconds going by,
so many watch with a passing sigh.
Empty words empty chatter
today tomorrow does it even matter?
That thing long awaited comes and goes
A goal accomplished and no one knows.
Doing things going places,
racing past a thousand faces.
Moving to the rhythm, tick tock tick tock,
watching seconds fall off the clock.
Brilliant dreams slowly fade,
to those who live each day afraid.
Afraid to change afraid to live,
afraid of what each day might give.
Captured within the calenders wall,
each day the same each moment dull.
Tell me Centurion, keeper of the clock,
Is there a rhythm beyond tick tock?
Tell me you who keep the gate,
how long at last must we wait?
The time is now the days today,
to change your future change your way.
Become a part of the resurrection race,
those unbound by time and space.
Freed from the curse that binds this earth,
they are eternal, sons of rebirth.
Watchman, Watchman how long is the night,
when will we see dawns first light?
The morning comes but the night remains
Eternal life breaks binding chains.
The student shall teach and the teacher learn,
and soon at last this age shall turn.
Much can be gained for those that lack,
Inquire yet again and then come back.
The Risen Son.

The sun is rising and shadows fade,
Gone the cold the night hath made.
All sleeping clouds return to the sky,
Oh nesting eagle fly ever high.
Fall back now oh night time mist,
The sun is rising with iron fist.
Done thy reign oh silver moon,
The risen king will be here soon.
Snow and cold and icy frost ,
Will melt away and soon be lost.
The Work complete, the coarse run,

Behold His beauty, behold the Son!



Gentle rain, dry my tears, Let your music fill my ears,

Erase the drops that I have shed, For my Master who now is dead.

Gentle wind dry my tears, Let your laughter fill my ears,

Bring me news of what lies ahead, Awake the song that once was dead.

Oh gentle rain dry my tears, Whisper secrets to my ears.

Say oh say what is unsaid, Behold the dancer no longer dead.

Free this prisoner from his chains, And come, oh come again gentle rains.


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