Overwhelming Evidence | A Timelapse Photography Project

Sept 2014

Many people ask us, “how do you know there is a God?” “What proof do you have?” In 2014 as we traveled to minister across the United States we spent painstaking effort to collect overwhelming evidence.
In Montana we spent a few nights backpacking on mountain tops to get some of the sunsets/rises and star-lapses, very long sleepless nights with thoughts of grizzlies dancing in our minds. Actually saw one the next day. In Utah, we were blown out of a tent by a mega electrical thunderstorm. We had so many amazing experiences. There is so much to learn with this type of photography but for our first time-lapse shoot, it went fantastic.

This is about 20,000 photographs, filmed through out:
Glacier NP
Teton NP
Arches NP


More to come. ­čÖé

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