DOHistory was not written by men and women who thought good thoughts or spoke fine words, but rather by those that took thoughts and turned them into great actions. The names you remember were the ones that defined their own lives with deeds.  The fifth book of the Bible is not called the book of words or the book of thoughts, but the book of Acts (actions). When a dead man walked out of a grave, those that knew Him were fused with the energy to LIVE, to GO and to DO (Acts.4:32).  Faith is only proven to be true, if it is followed by actions (Jas.2:114-26).

Going to a “church” and living a comfortable life style is easy, but Jesus did not say the road to LIFE is easy, He said the opposite (Mt.7:13,10:22).  It is not like some are called to a “preach the Gospel, care for the poor” ministry and others are called to a ” live for yourself and go to ‘church'” ministry.  The call of the Gospel is one and the same for every person that claims to believe in God and follow Jesus. Give up everything, lay down your life and GO into all the world to preach the Gospel (Mt.16:24,19:21/Mk.16:15). Forget about yourself and learn to love others.  I do not mean for this to offend you  nut rather to inspire you.  What I am saying is based on solid Scripture and if you would study Gods word with and objective mind and an open heart you would see what I am saying. door-in-hall

There is so much suffering in the world. There are so many that need what you and I can give; Love. The prisons are full of horrible injustice, forgotten men and women crying for hope. So many have no one to visit them and border on insanity. The elderly are hidden away by society and at many places suffer poor conditions and minimal care. They would give anything to share a cup of tea with a fresh face. There are orphans, foster kids and street kids that long to feel loved and need to laugh. The veterans, the handicapped, both mentally and physically, need encouragement.  Every city has many homeless, poor and hungry people that fell on hard times and need help to get on their feet, at least just a hot meal or someone to stop and tell them they see them.

You do not need to be a millionaire, have a college  degree or work with a charity. You need a heart. And please understand, I am not talking about doing a “good deed” so others can see and pat you on the back, but rather sincerely giving up your life because you love and honor the Messiah (Mt.6). Maybe you have a talent you could use to bring life to others, like a sense of humor, creativity, the ability to play an instrument, the patience to love children, a voice to sing, do magic or something else. If in humility you start with something small, it could grow into something bigger.  You could be the person someone else talks about when they go to bed at night. You could change a life.

Spend some time all alone to think. Study the Scriptures. Make the choice to give your life to Jesus. Let Him use you to change lives and touch broken souls with the Fathers love. In this one short life, we can DO whatever we choose to DO.  Jesus says, “…to the extent that you did not DO it to one of the least of these, you did not DO it to Me. These will go away into eternal punishment…(Mt.25:40). My family and I travel the world bringing hope to those that suffer. I testify to you that there is no greater joy or fulfillment than obeying the  Gospel and being used by God. You can check out a little of what we do on the “what we do page”.