A Place For You

So, how are you? Really? Many times we are surrounded by crowds of people, but inside feel quite alone. We are not made up of gigabytes or megabytes, but a sensitive heart and fragile mind.
Our value is not found in the number of “friends” we have, the job we work, or the money we earn. Behind our image of being “together” is a deep sense of our own vulnerability.
You have a unique story, my friend, that takes you to a place where no one else has been or can ever go. It is in this place where your past, present and future are all defined. It is here, within your own thoughts, that you decide what it is that matters in your life.
There exists yet another ‘place for you’ of complete stillness. It is in this place that a Voice beckons you to discover something greater than the shallow goals of this chaotic society.
So what is your story? What makes you, you? “They” say “genetics”. (As if your identity is like a train that must follow it’s predetermined tracks.) “They” try to find “a place for you” in a specific mold, yet you feel like you don’t belong. Who are “they”? “They” are the world that neither knows or cares about you. “They” say that things such as anxiety, depression, anger or fear are symptoms of different disorders, labeling some with psychological problems. “They” say to get counseling, prescription drugs, professional help or join a “church”.
Current statistics expose these options as offering no permanent solution. The prisons are overflowing, suicides are off the charts, divorce rate is 75%, and drug and alcohol addiction plagues society. God reveals that every human has been “diagnosed” with the exact same “disorder” called SIN (Rm.3). Side effects include insecurity, rage, lust, loneliness, apathy, indifference… etc.
People say they hear voices in their head. But these “voices” are just thoughts. We all “hear” them. If you want to change your life you must change your thoughts. You CAN do this. It is called repentance (Is.55:7/2Cor.10:3).
Like a nuclear bomb, the fallout from Adam and Eve’s sin contaminated the entire human race for all generations (Rom.3:24). The consequences of their rebellion are obvious. You feel a certain way yet don’t understand why. You do and say things you regret. You hurt deep inside. You want to cry or lash out. It is not a fault in your personality. It is the “fallout” of Adam’s sin (Rm.7:.17). The question is, will you discover the alternative and find the ‘place for you’ that God holds in the palm of His Hand (Jn.14:2/Is.49:16)?
Contrary to the doctrines of mainstream religion, God reveals that He cannot be found through a system dictated by men (Acts.17:24/1Jn.2:27). Today’s “churches” are not the answer. Their hypocrisy will only make things MORE difficult (Mark.7:6/Mt.23:13). Don’t trust a band aid to cure cancer.
When there is an outbreak of a fatal disease, scientists invest whatever time and resources are necessary to find the antidote. You must do the same. You need to intensively study God’s Word to understand the therapy of His love. Jesus knows your story and created “a place for you” in the Father’s arms. He is aware of all the intricate details woven into your past that make up the tapestry that you are today.
Jesus became like you (human) to rescue you from what you don’t even understand (sin). He is the only one who offers you complete forgiveness and healing from the pain that plagues your soul. He is well acquainted with your inner ‘disorder’ (Heb.4:15). He suffered every “disorder” (Is.53). In His own flesh, Jesus bore the punishment for your sin on the cross (1Pt.2:24). He said, “It is finished” (Jn.19:40). He dealt with all your failures “once and for all” past, present and future (1Pt.3:18).
From the laboratory of an empty tomb, Jesus brought forth the ground breaking antidote called grace. He paid for it with His own blood and now offers it to you through faith. It can redeem your past. It can transform your present, and fulfill your future. Faith is the power to get beyond all your troubles and live in the victory of God’s revelation (Heb.11).
I have suffered many things, both physically and emotionally in my life. I have learned that in the desperation of hidden pain there is a ‘vehicle’ that can bring you to the healing of the cross. In the midst of your turmoil, God says to surrender your pride and choose humility. This will produce in you a beauty beyond that of the rarest pearl (Ps.51:17, Jm.4:6, 1Pt.5:6).
Life can turn upside down in one unexpected moment. So make time, not excuses. Don’t listen to what “they” say. Seriously investigate the New Testament all alone. Focus your mind. Talk to Jesus. Use your own unique words. Ask Him to be ‘born again’ (Jn.3:3,7). Find the courage to let go of your problems and sincerely care about someone else. This will develop in you a perspective in which all obstacles can be resolved (Mt.25:40).
Your time is flying by. Eternal life is the only thing that matters my friend. I know I have written a lot here and these things will take time to understand. But Jesus promises that if you, “Ask”, “knock” and “seek”, you will find the “place” where you belong (Matt.7:7/Mt.11:12/Jn12:25). Dare to become someone extraordinary. I am not with any “church” or group, just someone who cares. Write me